Alex’s Birthday Celebration

So many more people will be able to be included by using this simple webpage, that we have decided to celebrate on-line by posting more photos and memories. We continue to miss Alex every day. A big thank you for the songs, phone calls and emails that help us remember.

Thank you all for your participation in this on-line memorial. Your comments have helped us more than we can express. We check back often to read your thoughts and hope you continue to connect through this media.

4 thoughts on “Alex’s Birthday Celebration

  1. Alex we will all miss you! I’m gald I got to meet you, camping with you at cambria was fun….RIP

  2. Alex, Your grandma wonders what you are doing now that you have gotten acquainted with your new life on top of the world? You are in our hearts everyday and hope you are spreading around some of your earthly charm up there. Wonder if you’ve looked for your two gandpa and your old dog Ace. They should be wandering around looking for you. Save a special place for me because some day I will be there looking for granda Bill and Buddy our dog, and you.

    We will celebrate your birthday in 2012. To our greatest sorrow you will only be there in spirit, but we’ll give you a good roazing cheer and send pennies to heaven. You may need a few to speed along your travels into outer space.
    Love, Grandma Helen

  3. It seems like it was just yesterday that I visited your Mom, Susan, in the hospital when Alex was born. I was in the Navy then, stationed in Virginia. And I remember how fortunate I felt to have coincidentally been visiting California at just the right time. We miss you a lot. And we miss being able to ask your parents “so what’s Alex up to now?” I was always impressed with your intestinal fortitude and your sense of independence – far more than I ever had. Happy Birthday Alex!

    Uncle Harry

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