Alex Vasquez April 09, 1987 – October 6, 2011

Living with Alex was like living in an adventure park. From ramp-jumping on his bike, to sky-diving, rock-climbing, hiking, slack-lining, and, to the dismay of authorities, climbing a tall building just for the view, he lived big. Alex back-packed across the United States, canyoneered in Utah, mountain-climbed in Washington, and was planning a new adventure in Southeast Asia. Wherever he went, he made friends.

Alex also graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy, was applying for the Peace Corps, mastered more musical instruments than his parents could name, and was even “down for law school.”

We don’t know how Alex died. Alex wasn’t feeling well after recent surgery. Though we don’t know the exact cause of his death, we do know this – Alex is loved beyond measure, for all time.

Without knowing the tragedy ahead, Alex gave his Mom, Dad, and Brother a wonderful life. We traveled together, spent relaxed time together, and shared meals in a way that let us know how happy Alex was with his life, his accomplishments, and his direction.

Alex lived like no other. He was fearless, care-free, and independent.  His many friends were important to him. We will always admire Alex for living for today. We miss him and will love him as long as we walk this earth, and with joy greet him in the here-after.

We welcome your thoughts and remembrances.