Conference for African Policy – Makers on Africa-China Partnerships

In collaboration with the OECD-DAC Secretariat and the World Bank, ACET convened a Conference on October 20th, 2009 to discuss China’s growing partnerships with African countries.

Convened through the Global Development Learning Network (a video conferencing facility), that workshop brought together policy makers from Ghana, Liberia, and Uganda, representatives from China, the World Bank and the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD to share their perspectives and lessons on the developmental impact of China’s relationship with Africa. Participants underscored the importance of the China-Africa relationship.  They felt that this was a key strategic relationship for Africa, and that there was much to learn through exchanges of knowledge.

The findings of this conference will be presented at the Development Partnerships conference in Beijing, jointly organized by the OECD-DAC Secretariat and the International Poverty Reduction Center of China in Beijing, on October 27-29.

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