5 thoughts on “More Adventures

  1. I followed your adventures and always wondered what you would be doing next, but I see you were well prepared to keep clean. Who would have thought to take a “wash board” along but our Alex. Or maybe it was your mothers idea?

    Loving you always, Grandma Helen

    • The wash board was for the traveling band :)) – what I see here are boots that were not on his feet!

  2. I am so disappointed to learn the wash board was not for clealiness. It’s a geration thing since I can remember camping with a board and soap. Oh well, the bare foot traveler goes on strumming the wash board and making music.
    Grandma H

  3. I woke up this morning and my heart broke all over again, wishing I could somehow slip right back into my dream world. There, a lady told me that you were somewhere in Wyoming, where you could hike through meadows and see deer and shuck wild oysters? I didn’t know they had wild oysters in Wyoming. Anyways, It was then when I received a phone call informing me of the death of one of our old mutual friends. I suddenly was in a meadow somewhere in “Wyoming” and I could not have dreamed for better weather. You were sitting underneath a tree and I came to you to give you a long overdue hug. We just sat next to each other, embracing for a while and talking of past lives and why we made the decisions we made. I told you how when I received the phone call about our old friend, that I though that it was going to be about you. I instantly broke into tears and you just held me and comforted me like you always used to do. Then I awoke to find myself alone in a twin sized bed thinking of how close to you I had just been.
    Over the course of this morning, I tried again and again to send thoughts to you, “I love you.” “I wish that I had been more comforting to you in your last couple months, like you had been to me so many times before.” “Forgive me for being so wretched the last time we were together.” I can’t help but feel so guilty. And most of all, “Please visit me in my dreams as often as you can.” I long to see you soon.
    I’ll love you forever, Alex.

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